School Visits

School Visit. Hamlin Robinson Elementary. Seattle, WA

I perform a power point presentation spanning the arc of my life so far as an children's book author and actor. I have multiple power point versions that I've performed that range from Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle School, High School, and College. 


I also have workshops specifically designed for elementary and middle school students as well as a separate workshop for teachers.  


Each workshop includes a public speaking component to build confidence and have fun while learning

the art of poetry.


All workshops support the Common Core Curriculum.  The following are sample workshops that can be integrated into the classroom to engage students and develop performance skills to prepare them for College and Career Readiness:


Writing exercises is a 45 minute workshop that focuses on the use of figurative language such as Metaphors and Similes to dive into various poetic forms such as Haikus and Senryus.  Students will be able to create their own poems using their learning about poem structure, point of view and tone analysis. (NOW AVAILABLE ON A VIRTUAL BASIS)



Performance Points is a 45 minute workshop that identifies characteristics of an effective performance using multiple strategies such as voice projection and connecting to your audience.  My poem, "When I See Your Face" is analyzed for character and action development as well as theme and the impact that setting has on the tone of the text.  (POSTPONED UNTIL IN-PERSON AUTHOR VISITS ARE REINSTATED)



Poetry Workshops can also be custom designed to meet your individual school needs. 

My Fees

Virtual Assembly
(for schools, libraries or conferences)

 Virtual Poetry Visit by

Charles Waters.

$350 Per session including a free 20 minute Q & A.


Virtual Classroom Visits
(Core Class Concepts included)


Virtual Poetry Writing Workshop by Charles Waters




$300 Per Classroom*