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Well dear readers. Pardon my lengthy delay. This whole moving to NY after 8 years in FL thing was more time consuming that I realized. Both the preparation and settling in was a mammoth undertaking, for me at least, and it gave me a newfound respect for people who make big moves, especially those with their own families.

I basically packed all my stuff into a car rental and drove from Orlando, FL to the border of Delaware straight through and slept in the car at a rest stop to save money on a hotel. I saw other people doing the same thing so I felt like there are other money conscious people in the world too. I made a stop in Toms River, NJ at the summer home belonging to the family of my Team Waters friend Lori Centeno. After a dip in the pool, a nap and a hot meal I high tailed it to the NY, moved in and started looking for work the next day.

On the children’s poetry front I have some good news. 3 children’s poems of mine: THE DIVERSITY OF DIRT, as seeds grow in rows and CROPS will appear in Dear Tomato: An International Crop of Food and Agriculture Poems, edited by Carol-Ann Hoyte and released in October. There’s also some more potential children’s poetry good news to share in October as well!

I will be performing and conducting a workshop at the famous Poets House in NYC on November 22nd at 11:00am. I’m grateful to Mike Romanos, Children’s Room Director and Educational Coordinator, for commissioning me for this event.

As for other job opportunities in NY I have irons in the fire that are starting to singe, I just need to be patient.

I have also taken full advantage of all the activities NYC has to offer:

I stood on the FDR Drive and had an untrammeled view of the 4th of July fireworks along the East River. It was a visual splendor I will not forget anytime soon. Made a new pal, who was visiting from NY from New Mexico, as we both stood on that highway for hours waiting for the festivities to begin.

Saw an off-Broadway show called Just Jim Dale at the Roundabout Theatre. Jim Dale is a Tony-award winning song and dance man who can perform both comedic and dramatic pieces that will leave you in a puddle of molecules. He also does the audio versions for all the Harry Potter books. What a renaissance man!

Saw a lecture given by legendary director Mike Nichols at the Golden Theatre on Broadway. This was filmed by HBO as well and will appear at some point to be determined. He recounted his working life with former comedic partner Elaine May, his directing of the film version of Who Afraid of Virginia Wolff? As well as his experience directing The Graduate. Chock full of bon mots and razor sharp observations; I was humbled to be there.

Saw an Off-Broadway play called The Good and the True the DR2 Theater about the true testimonies of 2 Holocaust survivors, actress Hana Pravda and athlete Milos Dobry.

Saw an Off-Broadway play called Donogoo at the Mint Theatre, it was a 1930’s farce about a financial scheme that has a clear resonance about the financial market today.

Attended a concert of original instrumental pieces performed by students at The Julliard School at the Museum of Modern Art. The pieces had an Alfred Hitchcock vibe to them, very spooky.

Attended a Broadway show called Holler If Ya Hear Me with lyrics and music by the late Tupac Shakur at the Palace Theater. I liked this sweeping production of race and class in America. Tupac’s music was from my generation so certain songs, especially California Love, had me clapping like a teenager.

Attended a free outdoor screening of La Bohème by Giacomo Puccini and performed by the Metropolitan Opera.

Attended a show called Piece of My Heart: The Bert Berns Story at the Signature Theater. Bert Berns was the writer and producer of such hit songs as Hang On Sloopy, Twist and Shout, I Want Candy and … Piece of My Heart. J He died at age 38 in 1967 and never got the full recognition he deserved, until now. It was great seeing the baby boomers in the audience reverting back to their 1960’s selves as they were dancing away in their seats.

Attended a NY Yankees baseball game, my first time being in the new Yankee Stadium. I felt thankful that I attended a game during Derek Jeter’s rookie year, when Dwight Gooden threw a no-hitter against the Seattle Mariners in May of 1996 and now seeing him play in his final year with the Bronx Bombers. What a classy man.

What I have learned about NYC in a way I didn’t in the past is that there is a wealth of events to go to. For a person like me, that’s manna from heaven.


“Places for show,”

Here I go,

Breathe in, breathe out,

Fast, slow,

Curtains part,

Quickened heart,


About to start.

© Charles Waters 2014 all rights reserved.

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