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Greetings from New York. I'm spending time here until May 6th doing children's poetry business, going on apartment interviews, and catching up with friends and family. The temperature is about twenty five - thirty degrees cooler than in Florida, I have no complaints!

This past Tuesday I had the pleasure of doing a classroom visit at Whispering Oaks Elementary School in Winter Garden, FL. I visited the 4th graders of teacher Steve Czerniejewski's class. I performed a chunk of my one man show, then we did a writing workshop that focused on learning about and writing: metaphors, similies, haikus and senryus. The students then wrote poems using each of the 4 poetry forms listed above. I also had them participate in a stream of consciousness form of writing called diving. There were some poetry diamonds being crafted! I'm so proud of them. Thanks again Mr. Czerniejewski for inviting me, I look forward to coming back again during the next school year.

I leave you with a poem that has a specific relevance to me, it's about opening doors to new adventures.


This swiveled handshake

Will pull or push you into

A new adventure.

(c) Charles Waters 2014 all rights reserved.

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