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Greetings my people!

Now that we're celebrating National Poetry Month, which for me is everyday of the year, I have some neat stuff to share with you.

First off, Caroline Starr Rose, author and teacher extraordinaire has featured an article by me called The World According to Uncle Charles on her blog. Please check it out here:

I leave you all with another poem of mine, until next time.


This wooded wall of shame

A vertical sea of resistance

Shielding me from freedom,

Keeping me from humanity.

I hear nature singing its windy song,

Children squealing on jungle gyms,

Vehicles honking their displeasure,

Fire trucks blaring to someone’s rescue,

Construction workers pulverizing concrete.

Squatting on faded tufts of grass

Hands mushing my face into putty

I’m furious for allowing myself

To receive a pitiful report card.

(c) Charles Waters 2014 all rights reserved.

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