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Hello all.

Let's play catch up shall we?

The March Madness Children's Poetry tournament I was a part of was so much FUN. Unfortunately, I lost to my "competitor" the lovely Miranda Paul in the first round. My children's poem was called FOREIGN EXCHANGE. Here it is:


My family is playing host to a foreign exchange student named

Hua Hua. Mom’s old office, her new room, clean as a church pew,

Meal times locked in on dry erase board in kitchen, “From now on

We eat like a family.” Dad says. I spend weeks fretting over books about

Chinese culture, I plan on introducing myself in her native tongue. At last

Our door swings open, an 18 year old, short haired marvel steps in, trailed

By a mountain of suitcases. I bow, “Ni-Hao Hua Hua.” She smiles, matches my bow, offers her hand and says, “Hello friend.”

(c) Charles Waters 2014 all rights reserved.

Thank you, Ed DeCaria for inviting me to participate for a 2nd year in a row. I would love to do it again in 2015!

In other news, I'll be participating in another children's poetry event. Irene Latham ( will be doing a progressive poem in which children's poets will create a poem with each giving 1 line of a poem then passing on to someone else. I'll be creating the 1st line here on my blog!

This begins on April 1st which is the start of National Poetry Month.

Also, on April 2nd there may be an article (wink wink) that I wrote appearing on Caroline Rose blog ( I'll keep you posted on that as well.

Until then, I'd like to leave you with another poem.

See you later!


Matching footprints

Dirt, designed

Blessing of earth

Dirt, divined

Drilling on land

Dirt, maligned

Processing clay

Dirt, refined

Mountain journey

Dirt, inclined

Muddy water

Dirt, entwined

Filthy substance

Dirt, defined.

(c) Charles Waters 2014 all rights reserved.

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