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Hello my people. Well, I promised I would supply a poem a week on the blog so here goes another one. Enjoy!


Dear Gail,

Hope this e-mail reaches you in good spirits.

I found a postcard you sent me from summer

camp back when were in 5th grade.

It was frayed on the corners with both

ee’s in Camp Hiawassee faded away.

The card said, Hey Cece! Camp is nice, mosquitos

are not. Food here is the same as our cafeteria;

both contain mystery grub whose contents will

never be solved. I’ve attempted archery; I missed

the entire target every time, each arrow landed

in some wooded area. Counselors still hi-fived me

like I won the lottery. Reminds me of a certain theme

park we visited once. Anyway, miss ya, see ya in August!

Can’t wait to go shopping with you for new school clothes. xo Gail.

It’s weird how innocent things were back then,

before my parents’ divorce, before your mom

passing away. Now you live across the country,

although this Postcards’ helped me feel like

you’re coming home soon, even though I know

otherwise. Write back when you can. xo Cece.

(c) Charles Waters 2014 all rights reserved.

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