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This has been a long time coming! I'm so excited to now be fully a part of the children's poetry blogosphere. I'm thankful for Lori Centeno, Anthony Centeno and the great David Piggott for their hard work and encouragement with this website. They are each charter members of Team Waters, and Poetry Time is stronger because of them. I've been away from the children's poetry community for the last 8 weeks. In my defense I've been locking down various opportunites for myself. The creation of this website, my newly revamped acting website which should be up and running later this month, business and postcards galore and booking school visits. As a matter of fact, thanks to Lee Bennett Hopkins and Kenn Nesbitt, I have another awesome school visit! From March 11th - 12th I'll be performing and conducting workshops at Windermere Prep in Florida. 2014 is going to be my year. I can feel it in my bones. The poem below describes my new outlook. Batten down the hatches ... Uncle Charles is back!


A flaxen drenched smile

washes away our past with

fresh beginnings.

(c) Charles Waters 2014 all rights reserved.

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