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Hello all.

Well, finally have some momentum in the Big Apple.

I worked at 3 different jobs this week. One as a stand-in for a television show, one doing work for the government, and one for East L.A. Classic Theatre. The latter is a teaching artist position that I will substitute on an as needed basis. I was hired for that one by Tony Plana, character actor extraordinaire, who played the father on the long running ABC show UGLY BETTY. I worked with students in Brooklyn as they read plays and participated in acting exercises. Next week brings at least 2 different jobs, hopefully more!

What I'm learning about NYC is that most people in the arts hold down multiple jobs while continuing their quest on what they really want to do. Proud to be a part of that kind of community, finally. May it continue.

While doing the NY hustle I had a chance to see the NY Philharmonic perform at Lincoln Center. My eyes and ears were doing the happy dance as conductor Alan Gilbert conducted Mahler's Symphony #1. I also checked out the free SESAME STREET exhibit at the Lincoln Center Library, there's videos, games, puppets, photos, paintings, it will take you back to your childhood in a hurry.

While sending out my manuscripts has taking a major hibernation while I've been scratching for an income, I still find time to scribble. It's looking good that I'll be having poems in different anthologies. Fingers and toss crossed. I've found researching the subjects to be as fun as the actual rewriting of the poems. Until next time, I leave you with a poem about a famous NY landmark.


Rainbow arches,

Mountain biking,

Misty splashes,

Nature hiking,

Floral gardens,

Wildlife calls,


Niagara Falls.

(c) Charles Waters 2014 all rights reserved.

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